VRART merges arts and cutting edge digitalization technology in an innovative method to stage fine art in a perfect and trend-setting way.

We use a combination of photogrammetry, laser scanning and high end 360-degree video to give art lovers a highly immersive art experience in Virtual Reality. Our technology can create realistic virtual art exhibitions in almost every environment.


Art is deep rooted in all cultures and civilizations.
Art is emotion, it is life.

When you are visiting a museum, an art gallery or an art fair, the artworks in the exhibition are interacting with you. ­They fascinate, confuse or annoy you. ­You may hate it or love it.

VRART transforms an art world bound by real world limitations into an unlimited art world free from geographical, time and social boundaries.



Dr. Johannes Sturm 

Art specialist & Gallery owner

Michael Biber    

System architecture & digitization

Ian Steffy 
Development Lead

SW development & digitization

Rona Tanca    

SW development & visualization

Supporter Circle

Leif Petersen   
Visualization specialist

CEO of Ignyte ( FX & Digitization company)

Lukas Doenz   
Design specialist  

Industrial designer at Audi

Brett Leonard  
Strategic Advisor  

COO of Virtuosity VR

Marcus Kuehne  
Strategic Advisor  

Strategy lead VR/AR at Audi

Advisor Circle